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About Us

Om Mid West Industries was established in 1984 as a manufacturer of specialty adhesives and sealants. Since then With investment in technology and considerable research and development efforts of a team of polymer scientists we have been able to develop a wide range high performance sealants and adhesives. Currently we are operating state of the art factories at Delhi and Haryana We strive to deliver adhesives that meet stringent standards of performance and durability, while also offering them at competitive prices. 

How Do we offer Premium Quality at Low Prices

We believe that quality should come at an affordable cost”. We are committed to providing high-quality products without the premium price tag. Creating high-quality adhesives while keeping costs low is a balancing act that involves strategic planning, efficiency in production, and smart sourcing of materials. Here are some strategies companies can use to achieve this goal:


We believein Long term Business and believe in working on HONEST margins.

Raw Material Sourcing:

Securing Premium raw materials at the best prices without, actually paying a premium is crucial. This can be achieved through long-term relationships with suppliers, Ensuring consistent orders irrespective of cylical ups and downs of market

Short Product Development Cycle :

Our Customer is our partner in Product Develoment, this ensures that we have a better understanding of market needs and customer preferences which help us in developing adhesives that meet specific requirements without overengineering. This can prevent unnecessary costs in the development and production of overly complex products.

State OF the Art Production Processes:

We use the same machines that are being used by some of our large competitors. We have invested in automation which helps us to maintain product consistencyand also reduce labor costs. We have optimizied the production layout for smoother operations.We have adopted lean manufacturing principles which help us identify areas of waste in the production process and eliminate them.

Our Product Range

Our hot melt adhesive products are meticulously crafted to deliver superior performance in a wide range of applications. With advanced formulations and top-notch ingredients, our adhesives offer unmatched reliability and durability.

hot melt glue for edge banding

EDGEBANDING hot melt glue

UnFilled Edgebanding hot melt adhesive offering seamless bonds, durable performance, and flawless finish for professional woodworking projects.

We have Glues for :

Manual | Portable | Semi Automatic | Throughfeed | Automatic Machines

Metallocene based hot melt glue

PACKAGING hot melt glue

Versatile hot melt adhesives cater to diverse packaging needs, bonding intricate cartons to heavy-duty cases across various materials effectively.

We have Glues for :

Laminated Substrates | Non Laminated Substrates | High Speed Machines | Manual

hot melt glue for Bookbinding

BOOKBINDING hot melt glue

Durable, high-performance adhesives for various bookbinding applications, offering superior bonds for different paper types and machines.

We have Glues for:

Back Cutting | Sewed Forms | Pinned Forms | Art Paper | Side Glue

EPE Hot Melt Glue

EPE hot melt glue

Tacky and Non Tacky adhesives available with long and short Open times, for pasting EPE Foams, Outstanding thermal stability ensures that the glue can be held at elevated temperatures without fear of yellowing.


Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Exhibit adhesion upon contact, making them ideal for various applications such as labels, tapes, and graphics. They provide excellent tack, high shear resistance, and a strong, flexible bond on multiple surfaces .

hot melt spray machine


We can assist you in selecting a new or used hot melt adhesive applicator of any make or brand and for any application. We don’t make applicators ourselves but with our experience and contacts we can definitely get you a good bargain.

insect glue

Insect glue

Insect glue is a non-toxic, sticky substance used in traps to safely catch and monitor pests without harmful chemicals. It offers a long-lasting, effective solution for controlling insects in various environments, making it ideal for both domestic and agricultural applications.

custom formulation

Tailormade Products

If you can’t find the exact grade you need or you require a superior product, we are fully equipped and eager to custom formulate industrial adhesives or sealants to meet your specific needs.


Other Products

 Some of the industries and applications where our hot melts are used.

  • Footwear
  • Filters
  • Carpets
  • Non Wovens
  • Automotive Headlamps
  • Textiles
  • Product Assembly

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